"In the midst of crisis, lies great opportunity." - Albert Einstein

Hi! My name is Jerecho Placido and I am one of the Executive Marketing Directors of International Marketing Group, a financial brokerage that is focused on teaching Filipinos in the field of financial literacy. I have also been conducting financial seminars around the Philippines and abroad for more than 10 years now. However, the recent COVID-19 makes it impossible for people to attend our seminars.

Fortunately, in today's world, we can now conduct online trainings. If you are stuck at home and would like to make your time productive, why not attend our FREE ONLINE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SEMINAR. It is also very timely to learn how to invest in mutual funds because the stock market has presented a very favorable opportunity to start investing. 

THE ONLINE TRAINING IS COMPLETELY FREE!  If you prefer personalized online financial coaching or if you have any questions please leave your name, number and email so I can get back to you and we can set up an online appointment. You may also reach me at 09177060119 - Jerecho Placido, MBM, Executive Marketing Director of IMG. 

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